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We offer our clients a full range of immigration law, including green cards, citizenship, and family and employment visas related services throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.


If a foreign national is an immediate relative of a United States citizen he or she may qualify for lawful permanent residence. The immediate relative classification allows a foreign national to apply for a visa without having to worry about preference categories or priority backlogs, since an immigrant visa will always be available to him or her. However, the adjustment of status process involves a lot of paperwork, bureaucratic processes, and an interview with an officer of the government. Having an experienced immigration law attorney can help you immensely.

At Katsivalis & Anderson we make sure our clients feel secure every step of the way. We immediately respond to our clients’ inquiries and keep them up to date with their progress from start to finish. To schedule an appointment contact us at


A U.S. citizen 21 years or older may apply for their parent or unmarried child under 21 for an immediate visa.  If your immediate relative is physically present in the United States and was inspected and admitted he or she may also qualify to adjust status and avoid consular processing and lengthy delays.  We can assist you in the processing of applying for a visa for your loved one and determining if he or she qualifies to adjust status in the United States

 Obtaining a green card through adjustment of status can be a complicated and time consuming process, you do not wish to make a misstep, let our experienced staff help you devise a plan of action that will ensure success for your family.  Contact us today to inquire how we can help you petition your family and obtain a green card through this process,

 Other Family:

U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents can apply for visas for certain members of their family.  Katsivalis & Anderson can assist you in determining what family members qualify, approximately how long it will take for a visa to be approved, and how to go about applying for the visa and green cards.  If you are a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident and you want to bring family to the United States, or help family that already resides here, reach out to our experienced staff so we may guide you,

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals:

In 2012 President Obama created an executive order allowing certain people who entered the United States as children to be protected from the threat of deportation and obtain work authorization.  These individuals, also known as Dreamers, will qualify if they meet the age and education requirements as well as being clean of any serious criminal convictions. 

 This program has now been rescinded.  We encourage everyone who is a DACA recipient to work with an immigration attorney to determine what there options are beyond DACA to contact us at


Many people need waivers to either come or stay in the United States.  Waivers are necessary for a variety of reasons including but not limited to unlawful presence, fraud, and criminal convictions.  Katsivalis & Anderson has experienced great success with waivers, including I-212, I-601s, and  I-601A Provisional Waiver for unlawful presence.  When reviewing your case we will determine if you require and qualify for a waiver and what kind of waiver is best for you.  Should you need a waiver our office will devise a theory of your waiver case, work with you to prepare written testimony in support of your case and determine what evidentiary support you require.  We treat the process of preparing waivers as a partnership between client and attorney; it’s this partnership that has led us to significant success in this area.  Contact us to discuss whether you require a waiver and how we can assist you with this form of relief,


We encourage all Lawful Permanent Residents who qualify to apply for naturalization do so.  However, determining whether you are qualified to become a citizen is more than simply having the requisite number of years as a permanent resident.  At Katsivalis & Anderson we will analyze your immigration history and review the positive and potential negatives of applying for naturalization and help guide you to the best choice regarding this important decision. If you want to learn if applying to become a citizen is right for you schedule a consult so we can discuss your case,

 Deportation Defense:

Katsivalis & Anderson has extensive expertise in the area of removal defense.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in this area of immigration law.  Attorney Katsivalis is a former Immigration Judge and Chief Counsel giving him a unique perspective on representing clients facing deportation. Attorney Anderson has been defending clients in immigration proceedings for over 10 years.  There are few things in life that provides more uncertainty and anxiety than facing removal from the country you call home, don’t risk your future with inexperienced attorneys, contact our office to discuss your defense options with our knowledgeable attorneys today,

 Employment Based Immigration:

 Katsivalis & Anderson helps employers petition highly desired employees from all over the world.  We assist employers in all aspects of hiring foreign labor from choosing the appropriate visa option to maintaining proper status. Some of the visas that we can petition include L, E, O, P, J, and H-1B visas; we also prepare Labor Certifications for the purpose of obtaining a green card. 

 Employment based immigration is very complicated and requires not just the best decisions for the individual foreign national but the best plan for the petitioning company.  Allow our attorneys to devise your company’s foreign national hiring policies to ensure that you are always in compliance with immigration and employment law,
I-9 and E-verify:

Being in compliance with employment law and social security rules are extremely important for employers.  Ensuring that your employee files are in order and employees are all authorized for lawful employment is just a small part of the work Katsivalis & Anderson does to guarantee you’re compliant.  If you haven’t recently audited your employee files now is the time to accomplish this important aspect of your business.  We can provide these important services,
Employer Global Relocation Policies and Handbooks:

Transferring people globally is not just about packing boxes and air flights.  Employers need to create policies that maximize business needs, comply with employment laws of various states and countries, as well as ensure good human resource policies.  At Katsivalis & Anderson we have experience in counseling employers on best practices related to transferring employees, we can streamline your procedures, and standardize policies to best meet your strategic goals, contact us today to discuss your global hiring policies,